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The Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church was founded in Windsor in 1934.

Храм Св. Иоанна Богослова

I. St. John the Divine's church. Photograph is from Windsor Star from March 7th, 1935. On the left is Rev. Alexander Znamensky, on the right is Rev. Andrey Fedorchuk.

The history of this parish can be divided into three stages. The first stage begins in the 1920s during which the Russian people came to Canada after the Russian Revolution and the Civil War. They spread themselves throughout this vast country and our particular group came to Windsor and its vicinity. These people came into contact with the Russian people that already lived in this area who arrived here before World War I. Together they founded a Russian Orthodox Church and built a parish in the name of St. John the Divine. At the present time this parish is under the Orthodox Church of America (OCA).

II. Pictures from the ceremony of church foundation.
A political and religious disagreement caused a split among the Windsor vicinity Russian people. The group that left formed a separate parish of what is now Holy Trinity Parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad and placed themselves under Archbishop Joasaph of Montreal, Quebec.

 III. Blessing of the cornerstone.
With this separation of people from St. John the Divine Church, we begin the second period of the newly formed parish with the pastoral services of Father Alexander Znamensky. With the blessing of Archbishop Joasaph and the energy of Father Alexander, the first church was built as a small wooden structurein 1935. Under Father Alexander, 63 families were united in this new spiritual family. A large choir was formed along with a very active Church Sisterhood. In 1944 Father Alexander Znamensky left for the United States.

With his departure, the third period in the life of the Parish started underFather George Burdikoff. With Father George's efforts, the Parish acquired two lots from the municipality as well as a permit to build a new church and a parish hall. This new temple was blessed on November 21, 1948.

After the end of World War II, the parish grew with a new wave of Russian Immigration which came from Europe. They also helped substantially in building the new church. The choir and the youth were working together with fund raising efforts. The parish Sisterhood with the Parish Council were active in all facets with the entire construction of these new buildings. A parish Sunday School was founded with very active teaching volunteers. Archbishop Joasaph donated the large bell while the parish members collected the remaining six smaller bells. Nowadays those bells are still calling the faithful for services. As far as we know, we are the only Russian Orthodox Parish in Ontario that use the same bell chimes that were used in Russia.

The first meeting of St. Olga's sisterhood happened in the brand new parish house on May 31st, 1950. The sisterhood along wiht the church council took a significant part in the building process. Active volunteer teachers founded a Sunday school. Archbishop Joasaph donated a big bell, rescued from a sank boat according to a legend. Six smaller bells were purchased by parishiners. On October 9th, 1950 father George blessed icons of Four Evangelists, which can still be seen in our church. On September 17th, 1950 the Parish selebrated 15th anniversary.

Every Parish Priest who served left a trace of his labour and love in our Parish. During the period from 1966 to 1977, the Parish had reached the peak of spiritual life under Father Serge Schukin. He reposed on January 5, 1977 while still an active Spiritual Father in the Parish. Father Vladimir Belcher brought to Orthodoxy and christened many non-Russian people. Under his guidance the number of faithful grew. For better understanding of church services, the English language started being used along with Church Slavonic. This brought on a conflict between the non-English speaking people with those who wanted English. After Father Vladimir left, the English speaking group departed and formed a parallel parish of St. Simeon the God-Receiver.

Rev. Vladimir Belcher was a successful missionary and brought to the Church may people of non-russian descent. In order to help new parishiners understand church services he started to use English in Church services. That initiated a conflict between those who did not speak English and English speakers. After father Vladimir left the parish, the Eglish-speaking group founded a new parish of St. Simeon the Righteous.

By the time Rev. Leonid Nikolsky became a priest, the number of parishiners significantly reduced. Subdeacon Pavel Naumov is still remembered as a talented choir director.

Since 1998 our priest is Rev. Theodor Gacanin. Services are on Church Slavonic and English. Most of the parishiners are russian immigrants from republics of ex-Soviet Union. 








Founders of the Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox church in Windsor, Ontario.

XII. Plaque with the name of founders.
  • Archbishop Ieronim
  • Archbishop Joasaph
  • Rev. Alexander Znamensky
  • Rev. George Burdikoff
  • Abramov V.A.
  • Bolakhtar V.I.
  • Vignan S.T.
  • Ezering A.A.
  • Getopanov I.I.
  • Drobyazko E.G.
  • Karpenko F.S.
  • Kovtyuk A.A.
  • Kozlov V.N.
  • Lyskov F.G.
  • Melnik V.V.
  • Mudrak V.I.
  • Odoevtsev V.V.
  • Sopolev V.V. 
XIII. Founders. Upper row: 1.Kozlov V.N., 2. <unknown>, 3. <unknown>, 4. <unknown>, 5. Anna Ezering, 6. <unknown>, 7. I. Getopanov, 8. <unknown>. Lower row: 1. Valily Mudrak, 2. Rev. George Burdikoff, 3. Theodor Lyskov. XIV. St. Olga's sisterhood. Upper row: 1. <unknown>, 2. Polina Brichkov, 3. <unknown>, 4. Ekaterina Vignan, 5. <unknown>, 6. <unknown>. Lower row: 1. Anna Ezering, 2. <unknown>, 3. Rev. George Burdikoff, 4. <unknown>, 5. Olga Partyka.


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